DeSantis Outmaneuvers Biden With One Brilliant Move

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this Thursday called for a special session of the Florida legislature to protect workers in the state from being fired for not complying with President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The GOP governor, known nationally for being against the coronavirus lockdowns and mandates, said at a press conference in Pinellas County that his state government must take action against the federal government to protect livelihoods and jobs.

“Your right to earn a living is not be contingent upon getting a COVID shot,” DeSantis said in a media statement. “When the vaccines were new, we worked very hard to give it, especially to our elderly, but we said from the start: We will make it available for everyone, but we won’t mandate it for anyone because ultimately we want people to make the decisions about what is best for them.”

“I want a state where people are able to keeping their livelihoods, earn a living. And if the federal government or corporations are harming people, then we have the responsibility to lead,” DeSantis said.

A date is not yet set for the legislature to come together.

The governor’s office stated they are requesting the Florida Legislature “to give protections for employees coming under termination due to the unfair and discriminatory mandates and to reaffirm that government organizations like school districts will not fire any employee for vaccine status.”

Additionally, Governor DeSantis wants to strengthen the protections for parents to make the health care choices for their children, including allowing them to opt out of school masking. The governor’s office stated that more than the last 12 to 14 weeks, coronavirus infection data from the state of Florida counties reveals “no meaningful difference between Florida counties with parent opt-outs for mask mandates.”

Biden in Sept. announced his large plan to force businesses with over 100 workers to force their employees to get vaccinated or have regular testing for the viruses. Businesses that don’t comply could face fines. The president also passed an executive order mandating that federal government workers and third-party contractors must be completely vaccinated or they will be fired.

Author: Blake Ambrose