DeSantis Makes Good On His Threat To Dismantle Democrat Tyranny

When Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate, it sent a shockwave through the workforce. Although he has struggled to implement his new demand, many Democrat-run regions and companies have been doing it for him. Millions of Americans face losing their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated.

Conservative state leaders quickly stepped in to oppose Biden’s disastrous mandate. Some AGs are suing the administration. Many others are issuing executive orders to prevent state agencies and companies from forcing employees to get vaccinated or get fired.

In Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis has even signed into law a bill preventing vaccine mandates. He has encouraged anyone who wanted to get vaccinated to do so, but he’s stopped short of forcing workers. But in one country, they defied his orders, firing many workers who refused the job. Now, he’s fighting back hard.

The Florida Department of Health fined Leon County more than $3.5 million last week after it fired over a dozen workers for refusing to show proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Florida sent a letter to Leon County administrator Vincent Long on Wednesday notifying him that the county has been found to have violated state law 714 times and would be fined $3.57 million…

“We are going to protect Florida jobs. We are not going to let people be fired because of a vaccine mandate,” DeSantis said at the time, according to Fox 4. “You don’t just cast aside people who’ve been serving faithfully over this issue over, what’s basically a personal choice on their individual health. We cannot let these folks be cast aside. We cannot allow their jobs to be destroyed and their families and livelihoods, potentially, to be destroyed as well.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Florida law clearly forbids businesses and agencies from requiring their workers to get the COVID vaccine. Yet Leon County flagrantly violated this law and fired dozens of people, just because they refused to get the shot. Imagine the callousness of that decision. These are employees, some who might have been working there for years.

And this county is casting them aside, not because of a performance issue or because they stopped doing their job. They fired them, because they simply did not want to get a vaccine.

It’s the height of insanity. Vincent Long and the rest of the county’s leaders have fallen in with the mania that has marked this pandemic. They are so obsessed with preventing the spread of a treatable disease, that they are willing to destroy people’s lives.

It’s a trend we’ve seen since the start of this pandemic. Democrats especially care more about following their ever-changing rules than thinking about human lives. They blindly push idiotic and drastic mandates, not seeing how destructive they are.

Chances are, this county will fight tooth and nail to avoid this massive fine. It could be dragged out in court for a long time. But all they have to do is reinstate those fired workers and the charges would be dropped. Are they willing to put humans ahead of their “mandates”?

I’m guessing, no.

Author: James Smith