DeSantis Gives Biden’s Administration a New Name – Instantly Goes Viral

This week marked a monumental shift in the direction of our country. After 2020, Democrats were convinced we were headed down a road of unchecked socialism. Their “defeat” of Donald Trump signaled years of liberal control, with nothing to stop it. But the left is staggering after blue Virginia was flipped, along with other key races.

Nobody’s pretending the GOP victories this week were a mystery. They had everything to do with the failed leadership of Joe Biden.

Biden’s destructive agenda has been largely held in check thanks to the tireless work of a few key governors. Top on that list is Florida’s Ron DeSantis. While criticizing old Joe, DeSantis let a certain term slip. And the crowd went wild.

“If you look at that, if you look at what’s going on with some of the big corporations with their woke agenda, when you look at the Biden, the Brandon administration in terms of what they’re [doing]–” DeSantis said as the audience burst out into laughter and cheers.

For the next several moments, DeSantis stood back as the room erupted with chants of “Let’s go, Brandon!”…

“And so this chant, I think, has taken on a life of its own because it exposes the dishonesty of these corporate reporters and what they do every day to try to lie. And so now you see it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

While discussing how big corporations are trying to cover for Biden and his “woke” agenda, DeSantis referred to the administration as the “Brandon administration.” Immediately the crowd broke into laughter and cheers. They soon started to chant the famous phrase, “Let’s go Brandon.”

The governor went on to highlight how the corporate media created this trend, out of a pathetic attempt to protect a failing president.

“Let’s go Brandon” has taken on a life of its own. It is a perfect way for Americans to express their outrage and disgust over Joe Biden, while showing wit and humor. The left has tried for years to find a way to be half as clever as conservatives, but always seems to fail. Even their “best” comedians and entertainers have failed to make their liberal figures appear likable.

For a state governor to embrace the “Brandon” movement suggests that this thing is taking on a life of its own. What had started as a clever twist of a reporter’s cover-up is becoming a rallying cry for everyone that truly detests Biden and his socialist allies. It has already become more memorable and impactful than the “deplorables” of 2016.

It is causing more havoc and frustration for the administration than anyone would have expected.

And to think, Biden hasn’t even finished his first year.

Author: Sam Johnson