DeSantis Demolishes RINOs, Sets 1 Goal Above All Others

Governor Ron Desantis (R-Fla.) recently commented at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner, stressing some of the vital issues facing the country today.

Desantis urged that the Republican party must not go back to the failed establishment of years past. He especially targeted George W. Bush’s lobbying in helping the Biden White House pass amnesty for illegals. And said that America must reject open borders above all else.

He also further criticized the city of Gainesville, Florida after it starting requiring proof of vaccination before allowing people to remove their masks. Desantis said this form of enforcement goes against the spirit of his emergency order, which prohibits the use of vaccine passports. Desantis said fighting vaccine passports will protect the rights and privacies of residents of the state.

This comes after the Governor passed a bill at the start of May which attempted to rid all local emergency orders concerning the pandemic. This however did allow businesses to still be able to have rules like mask requirements.

Also, Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) passed an executive order one month ago that restricted vaccination passports in Texas. Abbott supported his EO by saying, “the government should not force any person to provide proof of vaccination just to go on with their daily lives.” He said the state is still working to getting people vaccinated and protecting public health, but will do this without harming personal freedoms.

The governors of Idaho, Arizona and Montana have also passed similar executive orders.

Author: Scott Dowdy