Department Of Education Attacks White Infants

Arizona’s Department of Education is offering parents an “equity” kit to help them lower their 3-month-old’s racism.

Journalist Christopher Rufo went public with the facts about this “equity” kit within the organization that says babies can show hints of racism in just three months and should be lectured to about race even before they can talk.

“Being silence about race helps racism by allowing children to draw their own conclusions,” the program says, outlining a graphic with the title, “They are not too young to talk about race!”

As stressed by Rufo, the Department of Education says parents should read a HuffPost article named, “How White Parents Can Discuss Race With Their Kids.”

This article reads:

“White parents should begin discussing issues about race early, even before their child can talk. Studies have shown that infants as young as 3 months can see racial differences. Avoiding the issue, rather than countering it with the right actions, opens the door for children to get bias from the environment around them.”

Rufo asked Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, a GOP member, to investigate the program.

“I call on the Governor to investigate the Department of Education’s extreme ‘equity and diversity’ program,” he said this week. “It’s deeply anti-scientific, and morally corrupt. Arizona’s students need and deserve better.”