Dems Panicking After Republican Newcomer Wipes The Floor With His Opponent

The establishment left never thought it would happen. After all, Virginia has been overcome by the D.C. swamp for so long, they didn’t expect Democrats would ever lose their iron grip on the state. But never underestimate angry Americans—and just how terrible Democratic policies can get.

Over the Summer, it appeared the Democrat candidate for Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe, was a shoo-in. He had already been governor once before. The polls gave him a comfortable lead. But things began to move very fast as we entered the Fall. And now, the left is going to have to take a hard look at itself.

Because Americans just took back their state in a historic, and devastating, Republican victory.

Multiple election experts projected on Tuesday night that Republican Glenn Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s governor’s race in what many critics say is a backlash to far-left Democrat policies…

During the early morning hours on Wednesday, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, The Associated Press, The New York Times, and MSNBC called the race for Youngkin. [Source: Daily Wire]

Every major news outlet has called the race for Glenn Youngkin, who secured a 51.1% lead over his liberal rival’s 48.2%. This is bigger news than you might realize, given how the campaigns played out. Many in the mainstream media considered this race to be a “referendum” on the Biden administration. Some even claimed Youngkin would be doomed, because of his endorsement from Donald Trump.

The left was hoping for a clear victory for McAuliffe, so they could claim Americans still supported Biden’s toxic (and failed) agenda. They would have used it to calm fears that they would lose many seats in the 2022 Election. And it would have motivated Democrats in Congress to ram through Biden’s spending bills.

Now, none of that will happen. A state that has been firmly blue for years just cracked. Anyone that has been paying attention shouldn’t be surprised, however. Virginia residents across the state have been growing increasingly disgusted by their liberal leadership. Outgoing Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, outraged locals with policies that would have made San Francisco blush.

Long before COVID, Virginians had protested for their rights—as Northam and his liberal lawmakers sought to strip them away. During 2020 and this year, they continued to chafe under the heavy-handed restrictions set by the Democrat majority. It’s not a shocker to realize many voters were eager for a change.

Being a Democrat these days isn’t an asset. As Biden makes a fool of himself, everyone in the party suffers. McAuliffe had previously admitted the man wasn’t popular in the state. Yet he invited him down to help his campaign. Um… why? It didn’t seem the combined charms of Barack Obama and Joe Biden were able to clinch the victory for the Democrat.

All this amounts to a serious sea change. Democrats thought they had this country all tied up after 2020. But as it turns out, they have never had a weaker grip on it. This is a sign of things to come. And Democrats better be ready for the red wave.

Author: James Anderson