Dems Panic as More Minority Voters Flock to GOP Over Inflation

You can only lie to voters for so long, before they start getting angry. For decades, Democrats have kept black and Hispanic voters under their thumb. They really knew how to milk identity politics to get them to do whatever they wanted. Never mind their socialist policies kept minorities broke and miserable. Democrats were masters at manipulating race; so these folks kept voting for them.

But never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to destroy even established strongholds. He’s not just good at ruining the U.S. economy. He’s good at eroding the backbone of the Democrats’ voting bloc. His runaway inflation is hurting folks of all backgrounds, especially minority families. And it seems like more than a few of them are saying enough’s enough.

Inflation is driving Hispanic and black voters towards the Republican Party, a Wall Street Journal poll revealed Monday.

Thirty-five percent of black and Hispanic voters expressed a negative impact from President Joe Biden’s inflation, according to the poll. Only 28 percent of white voters said the same. “Black women and Hispanic men, both at 44%, reported the highest proportions of major strain among various demographic and gender combinations,” the poll revealed…

As a result, the Republican Party is gaining momentum among nonwhite voters. Among Hispanics, the poll showed the GOP leading by 9 points, while the black vote has more than doubled (27 percent) for Republicans. [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t be fooled. Even a small movement among minority voters is enough to shake the Democrats. For the numbers to be this significant, means devastation for Democrats. The facts don’t like. Biden’s inflation is hurting minority Americans more than anyone else. Working-class families and those earning less than $60,000 a year are getting hammered by rising costs. Biden can blame Russia all he wants. That won’t erase the pain minority Americans are feeling at the grocery store.

This poll shows a startling shift away from Democrats and toward Republicans. Why haven’t we seen this before? Democrats have failed in the past, right? Well, this is after Donald Trump broke new ground during his administration. Black Americans especially saw him fighting to help turn around their fortunes.

And the contrast between him and Biden is striking. Just a few years ago, minority folks were taking home more cash. Today, they are earning less and spending more on basic necessities. Who’s to blame, but Joe?

Hispanics have even more reason to dump Democrats. Biden miscalculated by assuming Hispanic Americans would support his open border agenda. He didn’t realize (because most Democrats don’t) that not all Hispanics in this country support illegal immigration. In fact, most of them are legal immigrants or citizens. And they don’t want to see the border flooded with criminals and outsiders.

That’s plenty enough reason for Hispanic voters to ditch Biden for the GOP. Just how many will break in November, though, remains to be seen.

Author: Moe Blow