Dems Admit SCOTUS Decision Won’t Help Them in Midterms

Democrats have been going through the stages of grief ever since the Supreme Court opinion was leaked. Some have denied it. Others have raged. It seems pretty clear that the party of abortion fears losing massive amounts of money from this ruling.

Some were quick to claim that this will become a major issue going into the midterms. Perhaps pro-choice voters will flood the polls, eager to preserve this heinous practice that murders unborn children. But soon, reality set in. And now Democrat strategists don’t think this will help them much, come November.

Democrats are expressing skepticism that the leaked Supreme Court opinion indicating that the Court might be poised to overturn Roe v. Wade will help drive voter enthusiasm in the 2022 midterms and offset some of the losses the party is anticipating…

“Midterm voters care about affordability first and foremost, and they are not people who are worried every single day about losing access to abortion,” said Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, who began her career at the pro-abortion rights advocacy group EMILY’s List…

The most pressing set of issues among registered voters were economic issues: 41% of voters said it was the most important set of issues, while just 8% said women’s issues like abortion and birth control were most important. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats were quick to point out that only in deep blue states could they count on abortion being even a slight factor in elections. These voters were already set on coming out to vote and their votes will only benefit Democrats in liberal areas. For the rest of the country, Biden’s massive failures on gas prices, inflation, jobs, and more carry much more weight.

It appears these strategists realize that most of America hates abortion. They’ve only been waiting for a moment like this to come. Before Roe v. Wade, public opinion was against the practice. It has only become commonplace because that court ruling forced all states to allow abortion.

But should the court hold true to the leaked opinion, abortion policy will be handed back to the states. State legislatures, who better reflect the interests of voters, will be allowed to decide abortion. That will mean many states outlawing (or heavily restricting) abortion and others opening up the floodgates.

Since this will become a state issue, it is unlikely to affect the major focus of the midterms: the House and Senate. Democrats running could promise to pass laws that make abortion legal at the federal level. But that is most certainly a losing platform in swing states and historically red states.

And it won’t erase the damage Biden and his socialist cohorts have done to the U.S. economy. Democrats do not have a winning platform this year, because they refuse to call out Joe’s failures. Instead, they support his bankrupt policies, promising more of the same.

Which is why a red wave is so certain.

Author: Bo Dogan