Democrats Turn On Their Own — You’ll Never Believe Why

Democratic NY City mayoral candidate and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has backtracked Wednesday after he published a tweet supporting Israel as it keeps getting bombarded by Palestinian terrorists.

As news outlets reported earlier, Yang had a normally pro-Israel view, as the hopefully mayor of a city with a large Jewish community.

“I’m with the Israeli people who are coming under attack, and I condemn the terrorists. The people of New York will always stand with our friends in Israel who have to deal with terrorism,” he tweeted Monday.

But far left Democrats have now targeted Yang, calling him, strangely, a “white supremacist” and asking people to oppose him. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even encouraged Muslims to avoid him at religious celebrations.

Yesterday, after this criticism from anti-Israel activists inside his own party, Yang backtracked:

“Support of a group does not make you unaware of the suffering of others,” Yang said. “Most people simply want to live and pray in peace.”

Author: Scott Dowdy