Democrats Try To Sneak Their Agenda Through Over The Weekend — Fail Miserably

The parliamentarian of the United States Senate has given a ruling declaring that a Democrat amnesty provision for millions upon millions of illegal aliens cannot get passed through the use of a budget reconciliation, a legislative tactic allowing the Senate to push through laws with just 50 votes compared to the normal 60.

Politico said on Sunday that parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough decided that the amnesty measure is not related to the budget, and so cannot be included in the legislation using the budget reconciliation. The Democrat amnesty measure would have granted a fast path to citizenship for as much as eight million illegals broadly said to be “essential workers” under the scheme.

Democrats had tried to use all legislative tricks to force through their huge amnesty program, unable to give away citizenship to illegals in a bill that would need 60 votes to pass through the Senate.

It is possible that the Democrats could still attempt to pass a budget that includes an amnesty measure, but it is likely that this would get met with scrutiny from the Supreme Court or another court even if the Senate Parliamentarian had accepted it. The Senate parliamentarian ruling also means it is less likely that Democrats who are blocked by conservative-leaning constituencies, like Arizona’s Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, will go along with amnesty getting attached to an already broad, multibillion-dollar program including many of Joe Biden’s campaign promises about social programs and infrastructure.

This comes at a time when Americans are suffering from inflation in everyday spending items like gas, groceries, and even rent. The Democrats’ attempts to award amnesty to millions of illegals show that they are only focused on increasing their voter counts instead of lowering the cost of living for Americans. Another 8 million illegals coming into the country would only increase the demand for housing, and increase prices. This higher cost of living will lead to a lower birth-rate, which is then used as yet more excuse to flood the country with illegal and legal immigrants who cause the problem to be even worse. It’s a cycle that Democrats want to use to keep power for themselves.

Author: Scott Dowdy