Democrats Target White People For Financial Ruin

Virginia DNC candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe is now calling for his state to “diversify” its teachers after complaining over too many white people leading classrooms and pledging a program that would replace them with non-white teachers.

“We must work hard to diversify our teachers,” McAuliffe said during his campaign event in Manassas.

“Fifty percent of our students are not white, 80 percent of our teachers are white, so what I am going to do, we will be the first state in the country,” he said.

“If you go teach inside Virginia for five years in any high-demand area — this could be geographic, it might be course work — we will pay board, room, tuition, any university, or any school here in Virginia,” he said.

In referencing black-only colleges and “framing the program as being about addressing the racial disparity” indicates he would use this program “as a sort of affirmative action, prioritizing teachers of color,” Fox News said.

The network also noted that McAuliffe’s team did not give a comment or clarification about the program. Also, the campaign would not say if McAuliffe is pushing for racial quotas for teachers. According to his platform, he is trying to “deal with modern-day segregation within American schools” and plans to “cultivate the next generation of very qualified and diverse teachers.”

A spokesperson for McAuliffe’s challenger, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, did not comment on the anti-white part of the Democrat’s program but instead spoke about raising teachers’ pay, an idea that both candidates back.

“Career politician Terry McAuliffe claimed he would keep his pledge to raise teacher salaries to the nationwide average when he ran for governor the first time, so now he is trying to scare our teachers by lying about Glenn Youngkin’s plan for education,” the spokesman said in a comment to Fox News. “Unlike McAuliffe, Youngkin will make good on his promise to increase teacher pay and plan the largest education budget in the state’s history.”

Back in 2009, when McAuliffe ran for Virginia governor the first time, he campaigned on increasing pay for teachers though he lost to Democrat Creigh Deeds. He took up the topic again in 2013 when he then won the primary and then the gubernatorial race the year after.

Author: Scott Dowdy