Democrats Take Another Stunning Step Toward Dictatorship

Politicians on both sides of the aisle seem to have taken hold of executive orders as a means of forcing pet projects on the unsuspecting American public. Executive orders have been used for years, but they really accelerated when Barack Obama embraced them as his top method of governing.

Then Donald Trump signed executive orders to reverse Obama’s executive orders. In Jan., Joe Biden did this same thing, enacting a slew of executive orders to stop Trump’s orders. On and on it could go until the end of time.

Now that BBB has been assigned to the trashbin of history, Democrat Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (Wash.), wants President Biden to sign the $1.75 billion bill into law using an executive order.

No, really.

Jayapal wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post asking for the president to force Build Back Better on the American public. She begins her article calling for the huge bill a “broad vision” for the American public.

“For most of 2021, Dems worked to pass laws that realizes this vision,” she says. “The president negotiated with Congress, including Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) and Joe Manchin III (W.Va.) and directly. Senator Manchin committed to President Biden — who relayed his commitment to House members — that he would support this framework which we unveiled on October 28.”

And, in Jayapal’s eyes, there you cannot take-backs your word, even if Manchin did not believe he could support BBB in good conscience.

“But on December 20, Senator Manchin went back against his commitment to the president and seemingly stopped the bill on television,” Jayapal said. “In a place where your word is everything, this was a big rebuke of his own party’s leader.”

She actually continues by saying that “we are asking for the president to use an executive action to immediately help improve people’s lives. Using executive action will also make it certain to those who hinder BBB that the White House and Dems will always deliver for Americans.”

There is desperation in Washington for the left. They know their days are numbered, and they want to force through as much as they can using any possible tactic on their way out the door. Pramila Jayapal just showed how desperate they truly are.

Author: Steven Sinclaire