Democrats’ Support For BLM Terrorists Finally Backfires

This week, the county of Kenosha, Wisconsin, switched sides and voted for a Republican executive after decades of supporting Dems.

“Samantha Kerkman prevailed this week in the Spring Election to be the Kenosha County executive, according to Kenosha News. ‘In unofficial totals, Kerkman got 14,693 votes or 51.32 percent of the vote,’” it was reported. Rebecca Matoska-Mentink from Pleasant Prairie won 13,886 votes or 48.5 percent of the vote.

Kerkman, a 47-year-old Kenosha resident, will be the area’s first woman and fifth executive. She will succeed current County Executive Jim Kreuser, who has served in that position since 2008.

“I want to express my gratitude to all of my supporters and all the people who came out to vote tonight,” Kerkman said outside the polling place. “Becky called me, which I appreciate. In the new position, we’ll be working together quite a bit. I’m excited about working with the County Board and all of the county departments.” 

Ms. Kerkman acknowledged her expertise as being a significant factor in her win.

“I think it was my experience in Madison,” Kerkman added. “I’ve been working with the county executive on problems that affect the county for a long time.” 

Despite the fact that the race is non-partisan, both of the candidates were previously members of major political parties – Clerk of Courts Matoska-Mentink a Dem., and State Rep. Kerkman a Republican, according to FOX6.

“Dems support Matoska-Mentink and Republicans support Kerkman,” according to the report. “It is a swing county in a swing state. Former Pres. Donald Trump won it by 238 votes in 2016, becoming the first Republican to do so since Richard Nixon. In 2020, Trump increased his margin of victory by 2,700 votes.”

In 2020 and 2021, Kenosha became the center of attention due to the Black Lives Matter riots sparked by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, which resulted in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial and acquittal for killing two rioters in self-defense.

The Democrats’ desire to push an agenda and maintain control of the narrative, not to mention censor reality at every opportunity, has resulted in massive shifts in election polls. When we get to November, there will be hell to pay when Americans finally throw all of them out of office.

Author: Blake Ambrose