Democrats Start Their Long-Awaited Trump Supporter Purge

The Appellate Division of New York’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday they are temporarily ending former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani from law, based on a discovery that he gave false information to courts while representing former President Trump.

The proceedings were due to multiple complaints issued against Giuliani, and are based on accusations of false statements he allegedly made in the media, court and elsewhere concerning the 2020 election.

“We conclude there is evidence that Giuliani conveyed false information to courts, lawmakers and the American public in his capacity as lawyer for former President Trump in connection with Trump’s effort in 2020., the ruling said.

Those comments, the court stated, “were made to improperly increase the respondent’s narrative that because of widespread voter fraud, the presidential election was stolen from his client.”

Examples of his statements included assertions that more absentee ballots were cast in Pennsylvania than were handed out, despite state records showing otherwise, and his claims that thousands of deceased people cast ballots in Philadelphia. The ruling also stated that Giuliani misrepresented the underlying foundation of a court case in Pennsylvania, where he issued fraud-related statements even though there was no fraud investigation being done.

Giuliani’s suspension is “interim,” meaning it will be in effect as complete disciplinary proceedings against him get played out in court. The court recognized this was a severe step that they believe is appropriate given what they called “an urgent threat to public interest.”

Giuliani’s comments are alleged to break New York Rules of Professional Conduct, which govern the behavior of attorneys within the state. The court’s decision said it is possible that when the full case ends, it will “result in greater permanent sanctions” against Giuliani.

“We are disappointed with this decision to suspend Mayor Giuliani before being given a hearing on the issues that are being alleged., Giuliani’s attorneys Barry Kamins and John Leventhal said after the ruling. “This is unprecedented and our client does not pose a danger to the public interest. Once these issues are completely explored he will be reinstated as a member of New York’s legal profession.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire