Democrats Speechless As MAGA Republican Reveals His “School Shooter” Plan

Steve Carra, the representative of Michigan, has announced plans to provide teachers with weapons following a shooting at a school in Oxford that resulted in the death of four children this week.

“Today, I announced plans to keep our legally owned firearms and taser guns in secure lockers on the school premises to help faculty and staff protect students and others from harm.” Carra posted on Facebook.

“Per usual, it didn’t take long before the Democrats began their expected and tiresome argument in support of increased gun-control. Further limitations on our nation’s gun rights would not have prevented the shooting at the school in Oxford. Under the law in Michigan, schools are gun-free, and the shooter broke this law. Criminals break the law, and it is silly to think that more gun laws will change criminals into law abiding citizens,” he continued.

“Situations like Oxford and the Parkland, FL shooting are prime examples that show our schools are susceptible to attacks. We have to provide additional resources to the teachers in order to better protect these places. State and school authorities should be better prepared if another attacker goes after students at a school. School staff and teachers care for their students’ safety, and a majority of the school’s staff are willing and able to use their tasers or guns if they had to,” Carra added. “I am putting this plan together to protect our kids in case an emergency arises. We have to be more prepared to handle threats against our kids. Additional information will be announced after the legislation is officially introduced.”

Steve Carra, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump for his endeavor to unseat Congressman Upton, is heading the effort for an audit in Michigan. He is also challenging Rep. Fred Upton for United States Congress, has presented legislation insisting on a complete forensic audit of the ballots in Michigan.

Carra’s effort could ultimately save students from attacks in the future. Teachers and school staff should be encouraged to use their 2nd Amendment rights in order to stop criminals from shooting up schools.

Author: Blake Ambrose