Democrats’ Sneaky New Gun Control Tactic Is Already Underway

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was directing state lawmakers to create a bill cracking down on guns that uses language close to the Texas’ abortion ban, which was supported by the Supreme Court just last week.

The governor said this Saturday he has ordered his staff to work with state legislature and A.G to create legislation that would allow state citizens to issue lawsuits for at least $10,000 “against anybody who makes, distributes, or sells an assault rifle or ghost gun parts in California.”

“If the best way to keep these terrible weapons off of our streets is to add on the threat of lawsuits, we should do this,” Newsom said in a comment.

But a California law banning the making and selling of specific rifles, which had been in place, was overturned by a judge back in June, saying it was unconstitutional, according to The AP.

The state, however, is now appealing the federal judge’s ruling that linked the AR-15 rifle to a Swiss Army Knife, saying the gun is “good for both battle and home.”

Newsom emphasized this during his Saturday comment that he was “outraged” by the Supreme Court decision accepting Texas’ abortion law, a move he says endorses Texas’ “scheme to protect its law from the fundamental safeguards of Roe v. Wade.”

“If states can now protect their laws from review by federal courts, then California can use this authority to protect Americans’ lives, where Texas used it to place women into harm’s way,” Governor Newsom said.

Newsom’s comment was referring to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, allowing Texas’s abortion law to stay in effect. The law bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected and allows citizens to sue doctors, people who give money for a woman’s abortion and anybody else who believed to be helping the procedure.

The Supreme Court stressed during its ruling that abortion providers can push for a federal lawsuit that would challenge the law.

California is America’s most liberal state and has the country’s most strict gun laws. Even with such strict gun laws, it has among the highest crime numbers in the country.

Author: Blake Ambrose