Democrats Sneak Past GOP With Outrageous Stimulus Bill

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) have put forward a joint resolution that will let them pass President Biden’s stimulus deal without requiring support from the GOP.

“A joint resolution is the initial step to possibly passing a Budget Reconciliation, which is one option available to lawmakers to hastily pass bipartisan relief,” a joint message from the liberal leaders stated. “The Resolution details the ‘instructions’ for the Senate and House committees, on the level of funding that can be used in their jurisdiction. If both the Senate and House approve the same Budget Resolutions, both can start working on the final bill that is sent to the President for signature. According to the Congressional Research Service, reconciliation legislation has been enacted on a bipartisan basis 17 times.”

This news is after DNC Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) tried to sooth anxieties about the Democrats eliminating the filibuster to force through far-left policies by saying they wouldn’t remove the filibuster no matter what happens.

But as journalist Kimberley Strassel has pointed out, the promise of these two Democrats is coming undone.

Strassel noted in part:

The Senate has two protections against a majority forcing through large policy changes. One being the filibuster. The other is called the Byrd rule—titled after the former senator.

The Senate has budget reconciliation, which allows certain spending to pass the chamber with only a small majority. Sen. Byrd was a guardian of the Senate’s “deliberative time” and attempted to stop the abuse of forcing nonbudget items into reconciliation bills to get around the sixty vote thresh-hold. The Senate overwhelmingly accepted his rule, which means the parliamentarian has power over choosing if issues within reconciliation bills are really related to budget. The Byrd doctrine guards from the majority utilizing reconciliation as a path around the filibuster.

And Democrats understand this. They are planning to break the Byrd doctrine, not the filibuster. Far-left groups are pushing for the Democrats to force their far-left agenda into these reconciliation bills, and when the parliamentarian says they are violating the Byrd rule, they will overrule her. Thus giving them the ability to force through any legislation they want.