Democrats Slap Customers With Backdoor Fees They Never Saw Coming

A few months ago, most of America was suffering from a worker shortage. Thanks to Joe Biden’s idiotic ideas, millions of Americans were encouraged to stay home instead of go look for a job.

Imagine that. Just as states were reopening after a year of lockdown, Joe Biden was paying people not to work. The extra federal unemployment checks, when combined with the normal state checks, in some cases paid people more than if they got a job. All over the country, businesses felt the pain. Long lines, product shortages, and subpar service meant companies might fold all over again.

So, Republican-led states said, “Enough is enough.” At the start of the Summer, governors canceled the federal unemployment payments and required abled-bodied residents to go find jobs. Very quickly the climate began to change. Hey, when you cut short someone’s free ride, they learn the hard way to get off their butt and get a job.

Of course, liberal states refused to do this, including the Communist Republic of California. Now, restaurants are forced to take drastic measures.

As restaurants open up in California’s Bay Area, diners may be surprised to see a new charge added to their meal tab: a fee operators say is necessary to pay workers more in a post-pandemic economy where millions of Americans are still getting paid to stay home…

Refuge co-owner Matt Levin told the San Francisco Chronicle that the two percent “wellness fee” is tied to the struggle to find workers. He is already paying 15 to 20 percent more than he paid pre-pandemic hires. [Source: Breitbart]

Obviously, Democrats are using this situation as a back door to increasing the minimum wage. But because it’s the government artificially trying to increase workers’ wages, it’s had a toxic effect on the economy.

The right way to increase wages is by cutting taxes and regulation, so that businesses have more money to expand. On top of that, the government can encourage companies to hire quality, America workers, by preventing illegal aliens from coming in and stealing jobs. (All this, by the way, was done by President Trump.)

Instead, Biden and the left are burning through tax dollars to pay people to stay home. All so businesses are forced to pay higher wages. Not because these workers deserve higher wages, but because businesses have no choice.

That, of course, is passed on to the consumer—which includes families still struggling to make ends meet after the pandemic.

Not a great recipe for success. And you can see how, in the long run, this will hurt workers more than help.

If restaurants continue to increase prices, consumers will just stop going. That will bring this trend to a halt, real quick, as restaurants and other businesses shut down for good.

And just think, all that Biden had to do to help America was just stay out of the way. He couldn’t even get doing nothing right.

Author: Tim Anderson