Democrats Sabotage American Voters – Quickly Regret It

The 2020 Election was a fiasco. That’s an understatement. Many agree the pandemic allowed for major changes that significantly violate the integrity of our elections. Not only that, but it has led to millions of Americans distrusting our voting systems in the first place.

But, if Democrats have their way, many of those changes will become permanent. Congress is pushing an election bill that will go even further, outlawing voter ID laws and making mail-in ballots mandatory. You don’t have to be a genius to see Democrats are trying to make stealing democracy a regular thing.

The left has very few strong arguments for this push. They claim “voter suppression” despite a shocking lack of evidence. Their cries of racism and discrimination fall on deaf ears, as their changes wouldn’t help anyone vote—just make it easier for some to cheat.

What do Americans think, though? Are most in favor of radical changes that undermine election integrity? One poll says, no, no they are not.

A plurality of voters oppose a sweeping Democratic election reform bill that would empower Washington to compel states to relax election security safeguards, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

By a margin of 46%-41%, respondents said they opposed a proposed election overhaul plan that would prohibit states from requiring photo ID to vote and make it hard to clean voter registration lists by removing people who have moved or died. [Source: Just the News]

A majority of those polled oppose major changes to our voting laws. And a majority of those polled, 33% “strongly oppose” changes that would make our elections easier to exploit.

Yet, it doesn’t seem that Democrats really care what Americans think. In the last few months, they have pushed an agenda that doesn’t reflect in any way, shape, or form what Americans want. They wasted time with a second impeachment of Donald Trump. They delayed COVID relief. And their recently-passed “relief” bill has very little funding for COVID-related issues (roughly 9% of the money will go to help Americans, the rest to Democrats’ buddies).

So, it shouldn’t surprise us that Democrats want to push a voting bill that does nothing to help actual Americans, but would make it easier for liberal operatives to harvest ballots, vote in someone else’s name, or outright steal as many ballots as they can find.

One hilarious measure in the bill is to register 16-year-olds. Mind you, they won’t be able to vote until they are 18, but their names will be on voter registration rolls. You have to be an idiot not to see what the left is trying to do. That would mean millions of names on rolls—of people too young to vote. How much do you want to bet that ballots would be sent out to them anyway, and someone else will vote?

The Democrats’ scheme to destroy our democracy has never been plainer. They want to make sure an American-first leader like Trump never gets power again. The only way this scheme will fail is if Republicans in the Senate (with a few intelligent Democrats) refuse to support it.

But do they have the guts to do so?