Democrats Ripped Apart At The Seams Over Filibuster Agenda

Democrats hold onto a slim majority in the Senate. But they are far from the 60-vote threshold needed to force their agenda through. Because of the 50-50 split, they need Republican support to get past debate and pass laws

It is a prime opportunity for both parties to compromise for the good of the country. But what do Democrats want? Ignore Republicans to ram any bill through they can!

Democrats showed their power-hungry hand when they sought to kill the filibuster. This rule gives the minority party a voice and forces senators to cooperate. So, of course Dems want it gone. They even launched a hate campaign to discourage the two liberals who want to keep the rule.

But it looks like they are failing spectacularly, as a third Democrat might come out in support of the filibuster.

Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly says he will “evaluate” any filibuster reform proposal based on “what’s in the best interest of Democrats, Republicans, the country and Arizona.”

“I served in the Navy for 25 years, I’ve been here about six months, and the United States Senate doesn’t function like any other organization I’ve ever seen, not very efficient,” Kelly replied Thursday on Capitol Hill. “Having said that, I’ll look at any proposal and evaluate it, not based on what’s in the best interest of just Democrats, but what’s in the best interest of Democrats, Republicans, the country and Arizona.” [Source: Just the News]

It seems like Arizona’s other senator is warming up to the idea of backing the filibuster. His statement suggests he is against getting rid of it, as it would only help the “interest of just Democrats.” This comes as the Arizona Democratic Party demands both Kelly and Sinema to abandon the filibuster.

But both Democrats have good reason to stand behind the rule. Despite the fact they were elected, Arizona is still very much a red state. They have to play as moderates in the Senate, if they want to hold onto their jobs. With 2022 around the corner, any radical moves can hurt the party’s chances in the state.

Kelly has also recently bucked the party in other areas. He was one of many Democrats who represent border states that called out Joe Biden’s failure on the border crisis. Kelly called out the administration for refuse to see the crisis in person and to do something about it.

Perhaps Kelly is starting to see the light: that the Democratic establishment no longer cares about the people? That their hellbent goal to push socialism is destroying the country.

We can’t say for sure, but it is telling that as the left pushes to kill the filibuster, we see the opposite happening.

As more Americans become vocal about their support of the rule, more senators will become too afraid to kill it. After all, they won’t be able to get much done, if they are ejected from office.

Author: Smith Anderson