Democrats Put Into A Tailspin By One Of Their Own

Senator Joe Manchin has finally put a number on his supported “pause” concerning the Democrat reconciliation bill. Far from getting on board with Biden’s $3.5 trillion in inflation-inducing funding, the West Virginia Democrat only wishes to back only $1 trillion.

The next issue would be how Democrats will reply, and as per our normal agreement, the answer is not good.

Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer said that he and his group are moving fully “ahead.” And over in the United States House, the Far-left Bernie Sanders wing, partly being spearheaded by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, let it be understand that $3.5 trillion is the “lowest number” for spending. That is an insane contention, but it’s where the Democrats are right now.

What is not discussed in either of their replies is how the Democrats will go forward without their needed 50 votes? No internet tough-guying can change the dynamics in the U.S. Senate. Further, while not so often discussed, there is a margin-busting group of Dems in the House who need to proves themselves as moderates before the 2022 midterms if they are to be reelected. These are lawmakers who won seats in districts that Trump won.

Let’s also highlight that Dems might not even get 49 votes in the Senate because Kyrsten Sinema has also stayed mum lately after reporting she would also not support the $3.5 trillion bill. Despite this, calls to “destroy the filibuster” have accelerated. It is like most liberals don’t see that you can’t destroy it without the two Senators who are trying to use the thing you want to blow up.

Unable to get what they want, Democrats are now going into weird fantasies, including the need for blackmail.

This is coming from the party that went crazy and impeached a president for a phone call. But they are ok with blackmail as long as it helps one of their political agendas. Are you beginning to see the issue yet?

The reality is there is no way forward for Dems that does not also include huge compromise with Manchin (and possible Sinema).

Author: Blake Ambrose