Democrats Polled On Their Fears — Guess What’s Number 1

I will start this by saying that polls are never completely accurate and should never be seen as written in stone.

But if this poll from Echelon Insights is to be believed, we have some people on the other side who are in a very delusional state.

Echelon asked Democrats, “what are your top three concerns?”

Now, given these are liberals you might think climate change or women’s rights, right? Maybe another big juicy relief check?

Sure, these are are on the list, but they are not at the top.

They said their top three concerns were white nationalism, Trump supporters, and something called “systemic racism.”

82% reported that their biggest anxiety was Trump supporters, over all others, then second at 79% was white nationalism and 77% were anxious over systemic racism.

This shows people have caught a form of schizophrenia from the anti-white media, which focuses on certain agendas day after day. Despite most Trump supporters being law abiding and supportive of police, they have been painted, especially since the Capitol Hill Trespassing as a constant ‘threat to America’ in the mainstream media. This is a very dangerous thing. Some of the worst people on social media are liberals who dehumanize Trump supporters because they are “white supremacists,” saying we should be banned from not just social media but from banking services and be made permanently unemployed.Meanwhile, they don’t show concern about months of antifa rioting and burning across the nation, something that killed dozens of people, caused hundreds of injuries and billions in property damage, rioting which continues to this day because the Democrats and Republican leaders never address it.This reality disconnection is what concerns me. But that’s the power of the influential anti-white media.

But change things up, and ask Republicans about their top concerns, they are always about things like the economy and moves by liberals to censor and attack conservatives.

Overall, they polled 1005 voters to arrive at these results.