Democrats Poison Military Troops In Washington

A whistleblower with the Michigan National Guard in DC has revealed his soldiers were served with poisoned food by the government. The troops were in DC following Biden’s inauguration.

The staff sergeant exposed the travesty, speaking anonymously to Detroit’s WXYZ. The National Guard had paid the DC city government to provide food for the troops, who were there to protect the city.

“Yesterday, we found 74 meals with raw beef,” the sergeant said. “And the soldiers found metal shavings in their food.”

The whistleblower said the raw meat made over a dozen service members sick, with one person having to go to the hospital.

The Michigan National Guard later said that the troops were being food-poisoned by the DC local government.

The soldiers have since started eating MRE’s, or meals-ready-to-eat. Which are usually eaten when you are behind enemy lines.

The poisoning represents the second act of disrespect to service-members. Pelosi’s House also kicked out soldiers who were sleeping in a lobby after a Democrat lawmaker’s concern that one was not using a mask, forcing the service-members to sleep in a parking garage on a near-freezing night.

The establishment wants to use soldiers as political props to help them fearmonger a made up imminent threat of “white supremacism,” but the globalists can not even provide decent food to our troops.