Democrats Plot To ‘Cancel’ The Police With This Clever Tactic

Officials in Baltimore stated they are no longer punishing low-level crime, such as drug possession, small traffic offenses and even prostitution.

The announcement came as the State Attorney’s office applauded the success of policies started one year ago in an attempt to lower the jail population in the city. The reduction was attempted in a bid to lower the spread of coronavirus inside prisons. These policies are now permanent.

The policies helped lower the city’s jail population by around 18 percent.

The decision was hit with mixed reactions from citizens.

“It will be important to have things on a per case basis,” Baltimore citizen Nakita Gulston said.

Low-level crimes will now be decided as public health issues and given to community partners.

“Show me where is the proof that not arresting people for low-level crime leads to crime dropping. I don’t believe it makes sense. I think we need statistics before we say anything like that,” Baltimore citizen Robert Gooding said.

Officials assured people that violent offenses, murders, carjackings, armed robberies and other crimes of a violent nature will still be prosecuted.

The pull-back on crime comes when other Democrat-led cities, like LA, are trying to end cash bail, possibly freeing hundreds of criminal back onto the streets.

Meanwhile, New York City passed similar reforms, which has police pleading with lawmakers and judges to deal with the surge of gun violence.

Author: Blake Ambrose