Democrats Plan “Eradication” Of Trump’s People

Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown plans to use police to push political repressions against Republican voters.

“The actions of the Trump administration were absolutely abhorrent in Oregon and we partnered with our local police to eradicate these forces from our state,” she said.

During her recent interview, Governor Brown promised to wipe out Trump supporters from the state for their beliefs. She also defended Portland Antifa terrorist Michael Reinoehl, who followed and murdered a Trump supporter. Reinoehl later died in a shoot-out with police.

“We wish to ensure that people in this state can peacefully protest for change, and we will keep supporting those efforts to eradicate racism from our organizations, from our institutions and from our structures and systems,” Brown said.

Critics said the structures that the governor says are “racist” have been managed by the governor and other Democrats for decades. Meanwhile, Portland has reeled under the pressure of far-left terrorism.

Author: Steven Sinclaire