Democrats Pay The Ultimate Price For Their Temper-Tantrum Stunt

A group of Democrats from Texas’s state house fled to D.C., to prevent Republicans from passing voter reform bills. They disrupted the democratic process, while complaining about the Senate’s filibuster rule.

The state of Texas has not been kind to these fleeing liberals. The governor promised to arrest them, when they came back to the state. The state house voted to send law enforcement after them, to force them to do their jobs. The state house speaker even chartered a plane for them Democrats, that’s waiting to take them back.

But some of these liberals will end up waiting longer in D.C. than originally planned, since at least five of them tested positive for COVID.

Two more Texas Democrats tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday after three tested positive late last week which comes amid their stay in Washington, D.C., which they fled to as they refused to take part in legitimate democratic processes in the state of Texas. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. I mean, I know D.C. is a festering cesspool of corruption and filth, but I didn’t expect it to give visitor COVID! We also have to keep in mind these Democrats posted numerous selfies of themselves on board their private jet—without masks.

Now, they’ll most likely have to quarantine for two weeks, until they are cleared for travel. That will extend their little stunt longer than they planned. This comes as news reveals how much their temper tantrum is costing Texans.

The more than 60 Texas House Democrats who walked out of a special legislative session could be costing taxpayers up to $43,000 a day, one lawmaker estimates.

Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan has demanded that the truant Democrats return the $221 a day they earn during a legislative session. These per diem payments, combined with the regular salary they would normally receive, if it were to be restored, costs taxpayers $7,230 per legislator during the 30 days of the special session while they remain in Washington, D.C.

Rep. Jared Patterson (R-Frisco) estimates that the Democratic standstill is costing taxpayers $43,000 a day. On top of this, their staff members are not being paid. [Source: Just the News]

So, these Democrats are wasting tens of thousands of dollars a day, while their staff back home get paid nothing.

What heroes.

The charter flight they booked, by the way, cost $100,000. Are you know seeing why folks in Texas are so outraged?

These Democrats are burning through cash while accomplishing nothing. Who is going to flip the bill for their little vacation?

If Republicans had their way, it would not be the taxpayers. Texas Republicans might try to require Democrats to pay back the state for this stunt. After all, it is unethical for Democrats to demand Texas citizens to pay their expenses, while they are deliberately avoiding work.

And perhaps Texans will send these Democrats a message come the next election, by firing them.

Author: Timothy Jones