Democrats Panic After Trump Drops This Bombshell During Rally

Democrats would have been very happy if Trump just disappeared. Yet signs suggest they are just as confident of a Trump return to power as anyone else. Why else would liberals launch new lawsuits against him, arresting one of his finance officers? Or why Pelosi and her pathetic liberals conduct their bogus “January 6th” commission?

Because they fear that in just a few short years, Trump will be back in the White House. But he’s not waiting until then to wield his considerable influence over the country. He has become more and more vocal since January. And he has continued to make newsworthy appearances, both at his own rallies and major conferences.

This weekend saw him in Arizona, speaking at the “Rally to Protect our Elections.” The location was significant, since a major audit of the Arizona 2020 election results is still ongoing. The little bit we’ve learned so far suggests their election results were far from secure. And during his speech, Trump dropped a few truth bombs on the country.

“What’s happening to our country has sadly happened to many others. We are at the beginning of a communist system,” Trump said while speaking in Arizona at Turning Point Action. “Radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear as Americans, and it’s happening. And I said it was going to happen.” [Source: Breitbart]

Trump referenced the questionable 2020 election, comparing it to various coups in other countries. He warned that “communists” are trying to undermine the United States in order to “seize power.” It’s not far from the truth. Joe Biden is rolling over for various radical leftist groups, who want to (among other things) impose socialist ideology in schools, push social justice through every facet of culture, destroy our economy, and expand the welfare state.

But Trump’s speech was not all doom and gloom. He offered a glimmer of hope, in the American people themselves.

Former President Trump took center stage Saturday night at an election-integrity rally where he told the loud, welcoming audience, “We will not stop until we have restored our American birthright of honest, free and fair elections.”

He also told attendees, “Let me also express my appreciation to the thousands of bold, young, and proud American Patriots that are with us today. What a crowd. … You are the pulse of our movement, you are the ones who will make America Great Again.” [Source: Just the News]

Trump continues to push for election integrity over the 2020 election. Why, because audits will somehow put him back in the White House? No, of course not. Because if audits expose beyond a doubt that the election was tainted, it will light a fire under Americans and lawmakers. Already we are seeing major reforms being passed in various states.

If it comes to light that the election was tainted by major mistakes or outright fraud, the American people will demand strict standards to be put into place.

Trump is playing a long-term game, one that means more than just protecting his reputation. He wants our elections secure, so that no tyrant or crook can rob us again.

He has vowed to help restore America. And he seems to be doing it, in or out of office.

Author: Joe Smith