Democrats Might Get Their Wish: Police Officers Jump Ship Nationwide

The critical people knew this would be the result of the past couple of years.

In Philadelphia, police are now having problems finding new people to join the force, even as departments are very understaffed.

President of Fraternal Order Police, John McNesby, is saying it is a perfect storm happening. “It revolves around several topics including a rise in the amount of Philadelphia officers opting for retirement, and a lower pool of young people who want to be a cop, and the pandemic., he said.

Curious words. “Because of the pandemic.” Maybe the focus ought be on the chaos that happened during the pandemic instead.

The trial of Derek Chauvin was just one such event. While Democrats continue to support the Chauvin verdict for their “Defund the Police” movement, they are finding more and more pushback.

Philadelphia is not the only city to have this problem. Nationwide, cities are seeing two things: retirement and minimal recruitment of new candidates. A cycle, perpetuated by the far left social justice and anti-white crowd.

With the threat of losing one’s life along with the threat of losing your income because of the decision you were forced to make, why would a cop at least think about leaving?

Ask Officer Kim Potter (Daunte Wright) or Darren Wilson (Michael Brown) about their pensions, or if their families suffered. Why would someone choose to take that risk?

Pray for people still willing to stay on Team Blue. Pray for them all.

Author: Blake Ambrose