Democrats Make Every State a “Sanctuary” For Illegals

House Democrats blocked a measure this week that would have kept a government rule to deport illegals quickly.

Congress-member Yvette Herrell (R-NM) put forward a motion to stop the pushing of the previous question on H. Res. 504. If the House stopped the previous question, the chamber might consider Herrell’s legislation, H.R. 471, the PAUSE Act of 2021. The bill would give strict enforcement of Title 42, a public health order that gives the federal government the ability to quickly deport illegals who might be spreading diseases. It would stop the DHS and HHS from weakening Title 42.

Democrats stopped the motion with 214 votes against and 195 votes for.

Herrell stated before the vote that the bill would help lower the migrant crisis happening under President Biden’s administration:

“If the previous question is defeated, we will amend the measure to promptly consider my bill HR 471, which will protect Title 42 restrictions at the border.”

“The border is in chaos. And this is cruel and it is cowardice.”

“Biden’s border crisis is hurting all Americans. Ranchers cannot allow their children play outside for fear of the cartel. In the past, Americans on the border have been held at gunpoint, they have had their vehicles stolen, some have been kidnapped or worse.”

“The first responsibility of a country is to defend its citizens and border. President Biden has been derelict in this responsibility. Whether it be from a pandemic, or the criminals that pass our border during the night.”

The open border crisis has unfolded under Biden’s watch. Over the past three months, there have been 170,000 encounters on the border and over 500,000 illegals crossing the border.

Herrell’s speech comes after reports that Biden might end Title 42.

The Trump CDC had implemented the order back in March 2020 to discourage illegals during the covid pandemic. Democrats and “human rights” groups, and the ACLU have lobbied to eliminate Title 42.

Republican Congressman Chip Roy (TX) also was in favor of Herrell’s bill:

Author: Steven Sinclaire