Democrats Make a Final, Desperate Attempt To Defend Against Red Wave

The Dem Congressional Campaign Committee is starting a multifaceted voter turnout and communications drive to defend their party’s embattled House majority, putting in $30 million of funding to get nonwhite Americans out to vote.

Polling suggests an incoming red wave that might sweep Democrats away from power in Congress is in the offing for the upcoming midterm elections. The DCCC is replying with the “Building our Base Project,” a measure that aims to push nonwhite constituencies into voting for Democratic incumbents and challengers through microtargeting and local organizing that is supported by sophisticated data-gathering, specialized messages, and other techniques.

“Democrats understand that defending the House majority will be dependent on our ability to create a diverse coalition and these important investments will guarantee that we don’t take any community for granted and miss no votes,” Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney from New York, the DCCC chairman, said in a comment issued Wednesday.

The Republicans have took over Democrats in generic ballot surveys that reveals which party the voters want to be in charge. With House Dems clinging to a small, five-seat majority, these new numbers have led GOP members, and some political experts, to predict a complete wipeout for the Democratic party in November 2022. To respond to these headwinds, the DCCC is redoubling their efforts to win nonwhite voters for Democratic candidates.

The committee said the $30 million it is now spending on this new campaign as a “starter” investment and emphasized that it must come after its placement of 50 party operatives in battleground “areas” around the nation before the midterm elections.

With the Building our Base Project, the Democrats are promising to fund organization, paid and earned media, polling and research, “voter education and protection,” the hiring of diverse political operatives, communications efforts to reverse so-called “disinformation,” directly working with candidate campaigns, and with allied DNC groups and organizations.

This comes at a time when Biden’s poll numbers are falling down faster and faster. Democrats are getting desperate as 2022 slowly approaches and their total power over the American people is in danger of total collapse.

Author: Steven Sinclaire