Democrats Lose All Chances At 2024 As Key Voting Group Drops Off Biden’s Map

Those goons in Washington love to categorize Americans based on gender, race, and age. While Democrats keep harping on “equality” and “unity,” they just can’t help but put us into boxes. The people in certain boxes are absolutely necessary for the left to win elections. And I don’t have to tell you that they’ve been losing ground with a few must-own groups of people.

Democrats spend plenty of time trying to win over minorities. In recent years, they’ve watched as their influence over these groups has eroded. Probably because they’ve done nothing to help minorities; instead they push policies that help the rich and ship jobs overseas (the very things they claimed Republicans would do).

But one group they had little problem controlling were those under the age of thirty. This “youth vote” was easy for Democrats to snag, because most young Americans were uninformed, easily influenced by celebrities, and had few responsibilities (like raising families, owning a business, or paying taxes). So imagine how badly Joe Biden must be failing, if he’s losing ground with these people?

According to the Economist’s analysis of the data, “Mr Biden’s failure to impress the young now threatens his presidency,” as he has lost significant support since January. Currently, just 29 percent of adults under the age of 30 approve of Biden’s job performance, while half disapprove.

Overall, Biden has experienced a -50 point drop-off in support among young Americans since taking office…

Indeed, Biden has failed to act on several of the measures younger Americans prioritize on their list, including student loan relief. Biden is refusing to extend the forbearance period, which former President Trump started last year in the midst of coronavirus mandates and lockdowns. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s kind of ironic when you think about it. Most young voters aren’t considered conservative. They don’t seem to care when Democrats’ reckless policies hurt the economy, the jobs market, or our traditional values and freedom. According to some reports, they are ticked off because Biden hasn’t made good on some of his left-wing promises, specifically to “cancel” their student loan debt.

Out of most Americans, young adults are the most excited about a socialist state where they don’t have to pay for anything. Perhaps that’s what motivated some of them to vote for Joe, who essentially became a puppet for Bernie Sanders and the radical left. But with Biden incapable of scoring any legislative wins (because of incompetence and a lack of leadership), young people are losing faith.

We also can’t ignore the obvious. There are plenty of young people who embrace conservative values. They care about our country and the principles that make it great. And they’ve watched Joe Biden betray those principles again and again over this year. Young people entering the workforce suffer the most from lockdowns, mandates, and policies that lower wages and damage the economy.

At the same time, they are more plugged in to pop culture and social media. So, they are at the forefront of the “Let’s go, Brandon” movement and the constant content that mocks and ridicules Biden’s lack of energy, his slothfulness, and obvious signs of mental decline.

And it’s certainly turning them off.

Author: George Jones