Democrats Leave Biden High And Dry As Failing Policies Cripple America

Say what you will about Joe Biden, he sure knows how to ignore people! Throughout much of this year, Biden has been blindly determined to push his radical spending agenda. He’s been so focused on his socialist takeover of our country, he has ignored major crises hammering the U.S.

We all know about the inflation, supply chain crisis, worker shortage, and open border. There are even more problems facing our country, which the administration appears unwilling or unable to address. But one of the most embarrassing problems is the skyrocketing gas prices.

Rising fuel prices hurt everyone, even those rich politicians who get driven to Congress each day. And it is the one issue that ticks off Americans perhaps more than anything else. We recently heard of Senate Democrats calling on Biden to deal with the problem. Now, more of them are speaking up.

Eleven Senate Democrats recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging his administration to take action to lessen the burden of rising gas prices on American drivers.

The letter… encourages the president to explore available options to lower the cost of gas to consumers at the pump.

“According to AAA, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline is the highest it has been since 2014, with an increase of more than $1 per gallon since this time last year. In our home states, high gasoline prices have placed an undue burden on families and small businesses trying to make ends meet, and have proven especially burdensome as our constituents continue to recover from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads the letter. [Source: Just the News]

Isn’t it interesting that only now, after nearly a year of rising gas prices, do these Democrats worry about the folks back home? They explain to Biden that these high prices are hurting families and small businesses in the states they represent. Why weren’t they worried about all this last Spring or Summer?

Oh, maybe it was because that was before the painful bloodletting the Democrats suffered this election season? These entitled liberals suddenly realized that if Virginia can be flipped, they too can get replaced by Republicans. And, in a pathetic attempt to protect their phony-baloney jobs, they are making a show of calling out Biden.

When Trump was president, we had totally energy independence. In fact, we were the world’s leading energy exporter. But Biden worked overtime to bring that to an end. And it doesn’t seem like he has any intentions of changing, no matter what Senate Democrats might say.

This is because Biden appears more concerned with the well-being of Russia, OPEC, and China than the United States. He bends over backward to cripple our energy supply, but applauds when Russia creates a monopoly in Eastern Europe.

If these Democrats really cared about fixing the problem, they wouldn’t be looking to Joe. There are at least 11 of them. Combined with the 50 Republicans in the Senate—why aren’t they drafting legislation that can override Biden’s ridiculous regulation? Get a few more Democrats on board and they can even override a veto.

But I guess that would require them to actually do something, huh?

Author: Andrew Listerman