Democrats Join Trump In The Ultimate Betrayal Of Biden

It’s no secret that Biden has failed on the border. His knee-jerk decision to end Trump’s policies has created a massive humanitarian crisis that will hurt both Americans and migrants. Yet his failed administration (only 2 months old) refuses to admit there is a crisis. There’s a good reason for that: they have no idea how to fix it.

It’s getting so bad, that even Democrats are beginning to notice. Sure, liberals in some states can ignore it. But if you live along the border, you don’t that luxury. One Democrat from a border state was forced to admit that Biden has created a disaster.

During this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) acknowledged the Biden border plan, which has led to what some are describing as a crisis, much to be desired…

“They have a plan. The plan does not look like it’s working at this time, but you have to get it implemented.” [Source: Breitbart]

Jackson Lee talks out of the side of her mouth when she admits Biden’s plan has failed. She claims he has a plan, but it’s not working. Then she tries to backtrack by saying “you have to get it implemented,” which means she is either condemning Biden for failing to implement his plan or she is telling Americans that the plan will take time to “work.”

Either way, she ends up dooming Biden. Because his plan is being implemented: the destruction of our border. He has no other plan.

President Trump is watching all this as it unfolds. You’d think Trump would just shrug it off. It’s not his problem anymore. But he’s not done fighting for America. As we see from his latest statement against Biden.

“We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history,” Trump said. “All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a [sic] just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.”…

“The pathetic, clueless performance of Secretary Mayorkas on the Sunday Shows today was a national disgrace,” Trump said. “His self-satisfied presentation—in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer—is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Trump has reason to be outraged. He had to move heaven and earth to secure our border. And despite incredible opposition from Congress, he did just that. Our 45th president was building the wall, had secured agreements with Mexico and other nations, and ended child separation (just for starters).

Biden came in and erased all that progress, quickly betraying his own party by putting children into cages. Even as outrage begins to grow from the left, he appears unwilling to end the very policy the media once condemned Trump for.

This is all par for the course for a modern Democrat president. Biden doesn’t think he can be held accountable, because he expects the media to protect him. But as things get much worse, he will have no choice. He’ll either restore some, if not all, of Trump’s measures or face intense backlash from the entire country.

I guess we’ll find out just how dumb he really is.