Democrats Join Republicans In Nationwide Revolt Against Biden

After nearly a year of lockdowns, limits, mask mandates, and endless “guidelines,” Americans are saying enough is enough. We’ve had to endure a seemingly endless pandemic, one “handled” by government officials who know nothing, while the media stokes the flames of fear and hysteria.

The pandemic cost us our economy, educations, religious freedoms, and democracy. Yet some people in this country want to double down on the pointless rules, restrictions, and abuses. One of those people is Joe Biden. He said as much when he insulted Texas and Mississippi for actually trust their residents to do what’s best for themselves. Biden called state leaders “Neanderthals” for ending COVID restrictions.

Soon, the governor from Montana followed. And now, Connecticut’s Democrat governor is announcing major changes.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced on Thursday that his state would soon be making significant reductions to restrictions that the state implemented in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“Most of the changes will go into effect on March 19, with several more coming down the line over the following two weeks,” the Hartford Courant reported…

All capacity limits in Connecticut are being eliminated on March 19 for restaurants, retail outlets, libraries, personal services, indoor recreation, gyms, museums, zoos, offices, and places of worship. On March 29, capacity limits on early childhood classes will increase from 16 to 20. On April 2, outdoor amusement parks can open, outdoor venues can increase to a 50% capacity with a maximum 10,000 people, and indoor stadiums can open to 10% capacity. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is no coincidence. While Lamont’s rollbacks are far more measured than Gov. Abbott’s or Gov. Reeve’s, he would not be doing this had it not been for these other two states. Texas and Mississippi took the brunt of the media’s hate when they announced an end to state-mandated COVID restrictions. Now that the cats’ out of the bag, other states will feel pressure—from their residents—to start ending the nonsense.

Governors don’t answer to the media. They don’t even answer to the president. They must answer to the folks who actually elected them in the first place. And these are the same people who are growing sick and tired of restrictions that seem to do nothing but destroy their communities.

These changes come as more and more people get vaccinated and the numbers of cases and hospitalizations drop. Some experts actually seem disappointed that the virus is subsiding, surprised even to see there wasn’t a spike post-Christmas. I guess some folks will be upset that they will no longer be invited to talk on CNN. But the rest of us are more than ready to return to normal life.

In other states, signs are beginning to show the changes are around the corner. New York State lawmakers have discussed ending Cuomo’s emergency powers, perhaps with the intent of ending COVID restrictions.

Few states can continue in this pattern for much longer. You can only starve something for so long, before it drops dead or bites back.