Democrats’ January 6th Plans Ruined By God Himself

Now, I’m not suggesting that God really intervened to hurt Democrats. I mean, it is possible, but I am not saying it. Rather, I am just saying that as a person who believes God controls the weather, that he is sort of indirectly behind this.

If you haven’t seen the weather in DC recently, the place is currently getting a huge dose of snow. Some places are already at 6 inches, and there is more coming as the day goes on. Why is this relevant? Because if you have ever lived there (I did for around three years, including during 2016’s snowmageddon), you know that the smallest amount of snow shuts down the city for days at a time.

Here is what it looked like today.

That is more than a dusting, and it’s not only the starting snowfall that causes issues. With it going into the 40s tomorrow, freezing tonight, and then Wednesday having more snow and more freezing temperatures this Thursday, that means the roads will be an icy mess. It is very likely the federal government will stop for the rest of the week.

So why do I care so much about weather in Washington? Because this snowfall might ruin the Democrats’ plan to “commemorate” Jan. 6th at the Capitol Building. As we have reported, multiple events were planned with CNN hosting. Those include one speech by President Biden.

Will all that continue as scheduled if nobody can drive to the Capitol? No doubt, CNN will do studio coverage either way, but some politicians who were going to speak might be stuck doing Zoom instead of getting their normal visuals on the Capitol steps. Further, it will not be a good commemoration if nobody else can even come for the live event. Lastly, if the next layer of snow comes even a few hours early this Thursday, it might disrupt things a lot more.

Some crazy people believe that January 6th was like 9/11, but the truth is this whole thing is incredibly humorous. The first major snowfall of this year just happens to do major problems for Democrats as they try to make political propaganda? I love to see it.

Author: Blake Ambrose