Democrats Issue Disturbing Justifications For Court Packing

Rep. Jerry Nadler has confused millions of people on Thursday when he bizarrely argued that Democrats are actually “unpacking” the Supreme Court by adding four additional Justices.

“Some people claim we are packing the Court… We’re not packing the court, we are unpacking it!” said Nadler.

Far-left Rep. Mondaire Jones came under a similar pushback on Thursday after he said his party’s effort to expand the high court was an a part of their “infrastructure” plan.

“Far Right Supreme Court is damaging to democracy. To save America’s Democracy, we must act quickly to restore court balance. Our Democracy is under its greatest danger since Jim Crow., said Jones.

“The Far Right is targeting Democracy. The Supreme Court has been their accomplice. They’ve been trying to destroy our Democracy for a long time., he claimed.

Author: Scott Dowdy