Democrats Humiliated After Trump Defeats Them — Again

Support is “decreasing” for giving a path to citizenship for illegals — even among Democrats — according to a new survey.

The Politico poll, released this week, reveals that 43% of people think illegals now in the country should be allowed to become legal citizens, a 14% decrease since January.

For Democrats, support decreased from 72% all the way to 57% in that time. And only 1 out of 4 GOP members back a pathway to citizenship, a number that lowered by 10 points.

Of those asked, another 19% stated that illegals should be allowed to become residents, but not citizens, and 27% said they wanted deportations.

The proposal of giving illegals a way to get citizenship has been popular for years, but these new numbers reveal that Democrats could now be losing the war for public opinion after Trump’s messaging takes hold.

The poll comes as illegals flood over the border, prompting both Democrats and Republicans to slam Biden’s policies and call the situation a “crisis.”

Meanwhile, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and top U.S. officials met in Mexico City to talk about how to resolve the border problem.

The flood of illegals, including children, continues to increase and lawmakers are calling for Biden to take action immediately to avoid an emergency.

Author: Steven Sinclaire