Democrats Go To Absurd Levels To Protect Maxine Waters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spot in the news took a major turn this week when she thanked George Floyd for his “sacrifice.” Pelosi will of course try to make up for this “slip-up” by pushing a liberal police reform bill.

But the biggest story is that earlier she was using her leadership position to protect Crazy Maxine Waters (D-CA) from a censure vote:

Pelosi and Hoyer, who speak a lot of “accountability” in relation to Republicans – driving through two fake impeachments and, more recently, moving to punish GOP members while working day and night to ensure their own party members would face no punishment at all.

Waters will not be reprimanded for her incredibly reckless remarks in advance of the Minneapolis ruling.

Another member of the Democratic leadership reacted to these facts by changing the subject very quickly:

As for Congresswoman Waters, I will leave you with her shocking victory lap:

Author: Scott Dowdy