Democrats Go Below The Belt To Get Revenge On Texas

Back when the IRS was effectively weaponized by the Obama White House to go after their political opponents in the tea party movement, little did Americans understand that this would be a new standard for Democrats.

Today, no one thinks twice when the House is used like a tool to remove a president from the other party, along with the U.S. intel. apparatus, so it might not come as a surprise when Dem-controlled local governments emulate what the national party does in DC.

Take Portland, Oregon for example, where Dems are eager to fight for people in Texas who want the right to murder unborn babies — given that their city has been essentially taken over and controlled by Antifa thugs, one should think officials would have more important matters at hand.

In response to the SCOTUS not blocking a law in Texas that stops most abortions after six weeks, the city council in Portland will have emergency resolution to ban future travel and goods from Texas, Fox News reported.

Dem Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a comment that a vote will be done on Wednesday this week, Sept. 8, to stop “future procurement of services and goods from, and City employee travel to, the state of Texas.”

“The Portland City Council stands on its belief that everyone should have the ability to choose if and when they have a pregnancy and that the decisions they make are complicated and unique to them,” Wheeler said. “This ban will exist until Texas removes its unconstitutional ban against abortion or until it gets overturned by a court. City legal counsel is lookin at the legal aspects of this resolution.”

Wheeler, who is an economics major with a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard, believes he is a legal authority.

“This law does not show concern for the health and well-being of those people who might become pregnant,” he said in the comment. “This law does not recognize or reveal any respect for the human rights of people who might become pregnant. This law rewards individuals for watching and controlling others’ bodies. It breaks the separation of church and state. And, it will force those people to carry pregnancies against their wishes.”

Meanwhile, crimes have surged in the city of Portland since the council destroyed a police gun violence unit during its “Defund the Police” efforts, which included removing $15 million from the police budget.

Author: Steven Sinclaire