Democrats Give Themselves Limitless Power

The next presidential election could be very different, as House Democrats push a bill to fundamentally alter the election process. On Monday, all House Dems joined together to cosponsor a bill called the For the People Act of 2021.

Republicans are saying the bill would give too much power to the federal government.

According to the bill, Democrats are proposing to give Congress ultimate power over federal elections, rather than state-level governments. As was reported recently, this could easily lead to more election fraud.

“As of now, under Article I of the Constitution, the states manage our elections,” Sharp stated. “Democrats want to rip up the Constitution, and the bill starts by saying Congress now has supervisory control over federal elections. This is the death of democracy.”

The Republicans have also said this bill is a move to grant D.C. statehood and ensure Democrats receive two more seats in the Senate.

Democrats are claiming the bill’s goal is to “make voting easier” for Americans. By increasing early voting and make absentee voting more accessible. This means states would not force voters to show photo ID when voting.

This all came after widespread accusations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Democrats in favor of Biden.

The bill will be considered next week.