Democrats Collapse Under The Weight Of Their Own Chaos

Another night of looting happening in Minnesota on Monday night after Sunday’s Police shooting of a black man. With looting coming after a protest outside the city’s police station.

Twitter users and reporters shared videos of the looters breaking into numerous businesses in the Brooklyn Center area.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas shared a video showing looters ripping apart a Dollar Tree store while police were occupied with rioters at Police headquarters.

After the looting, rioters set a Dollar Tree on fire, reporter Brendan Gutenschwager revealed.

Some establishments seemed to be skipped over by looters, possibly due to armed guards being outside their buildings.

Protesters stayed outside police headquarters until officers started deploying less-lethal rounds and gas at the crowd, Nartwitz shared.

State officers continued using crowd control ammo as they forced the crowd back. Officers started making arrests of people who refused to comply with the declared curfew.

Author: Steven Sinclaire