Democrats Caught Red Handed Giving Themselves ‘Special’ Privileges

Conservatives have previously reported about the family of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo getting special access to COVID-19 testing during the pandemic when testing was hard to get.

But now information has come out that reveals the special testing did not stop until at least last month — even after being reported on and people were outraged about it. This shows Cuomo believes he has absolute power.

According to the NY Times, federal prosecutors are now investigating the special access.

In addition to the governor’s brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, and his mother and sister, the people who received special access included Giorgio DeRosa, the father of Cuomo’s top aide. That special access continued up to last month when one of Cuomo’s daughters, Mariah Cuomo, and her boyfriend, Tellef Lundevall, got testing on April 3.

These “specials” were sent to the Wadsworth Center and processed quickly, according to the New York Post. In other words, some are just a bit higher than others. And they are not trying to deny it because the governor is “special.”

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro also said that nursing homes were even denied testing during that time frame.

Democrat Assemblyman Ron Kim, who was a critic of Cuomo because his uncle died in a nursing home from covid, slammed the special access.

Janice Dean, who lost family members in nursing homes, also destroyed Cuomo.

Author: Scott Dowdy