Democrats Can’t Even Organize a Successful Protest

Here’s an episode that proves Americans just don’t care that much about the “issues” Democrats are willing to kill over.

In the last few weeks, we’ve heard all about the “evil” voting law Georgia just passed. The simple measure requires voters to prove their identity when requesting or dropping off absentee ballots. Not too terrible, right? In fact, it sounds like a reasonable rule, to make sure someone doesn’t try to use a ballot that’s not theirs.

But apparently, to Democrats, this is the same thing as denying minorities the right to vote. Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that Democrats don’t think minorities have IDs (a pretty racist thought), let’s ask the rest of the country what they think. As corporations foolishly boycott and “punish” Georgia (over a law less strict than other states), Americans aren’t that interested.

Just look at the turnout for a recent “protest” against the famed August Masters tournament.

A planned protest against Georgia’s new election regulations fizzled on Saturday as just two dozen demonstrators turned out to pressure the PGA to abandon its annual Masters Tournament played in Augusta, Georgia…

“A group of about two dozen people gathered near Augusta National Golf Club to protest Georgia’s new voting law,” the outlet noted. “The protestors held up signs reading ‘Let Us Vote’ and ‘Protect Georgia Voting Rights’ as the third round of the Masters was underway Saturday.”…

Event attendees appeared unconcerned about the demonstration. [Source: Daily Wire]

I guess this is what happens when Democrat organizations don’t pay protestors to show up to an event.

Only around 2 dozen people showed up to protest the nearly 100-year-old event. And those that did showed an obvious ignorance about voting laws and “suppression.” One protestor claimed that American should be “making it easier to vote.” What they really mean was we should be making it “easier to cheat.”

It’s pretty interesting to see how little Americans care about the left’s “outrage” over voter ID requirements. Most Americans would agree that protecting our elections should be a priority. Given the rise of election fraud—from numerous sides—simple rules to ensure the real person gets his or her ballot seems like a no-brainer.

The fact that Democrats are fighting so hard over a law that is similar to ones in other states betrays their true motives. They’re not worried about “voter suppression.” They are worried that it will be harder for them to harvest ballots in GA in future elections. Their activists won’t be able to scoop up ballots by the truckload, to fill them out as they see fit.

And their attempts to get major sporting events and companies to boycott Georgia doesn’t seem to be working. CEOs can virtue signal all they want. But how quickly do you think they’d clam up, if they saw their profits plunging?

It won’t go well for MLB baseball this year, if they continue to push politics. The same could be said for Coke, major airlines, and anyone else they think they can manipulate our elections.

Because it seems Americans just don’t have their backs.

Author: Master Keyle