Democrats’ Border Narrative Just Exploded Thanks To This Video

Border Patrol this week released a stunning video of human traffickers abandoning a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old at the southern border during the night — after dropping the children over a 14-foot tall border wall.

The video, published by Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, shows what looks like two smugglers climbing the fence and dropping the children onto the ground and hard surface, before throwing what seems to be some belongings over the wall.

The two smugglers are then seen leaving the southern side of the barrier.

Chavez stated that the little girls were left “miles from the closest residence.” They were found and picked up after they were seen via surveillance cams.

“I am sickened by how these smugglers violently dropped children from a 14-foot high wall last night. If not for our agents using this technology, these two children would have been exposed to the desert environment for many hours,” Chavez said.

“We are working with law enforcement partners in Mexico and trying to identify these ruthless smugglers so we can hold them accountable,” she added.

The Biden white house has been struggling to deal with the flood of unaccompanied children at the border. Currently, single adults can be turned back via Title 42 health measures, but unaccompanied minors cannot.

The number of children has been increasing for weeks now, with the White House opening centers in a drive to house them. Customs and Border Protection currently have over 5,000 child migrants in custody, while HHS has over 11,000.

Author: Scott Dowdy