Democrats Attempt To Steal The 2020 Election… Again

There is more news coming out of Maricopa County, Arizona where Biden officials are trying to interrupt the election audit despite not having any authority over the audit.

The Arizona audit has had opposition before and now it has yet even more pushback from Democrats. The civil rights sector of the DOJ has sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann showing their worries over the audit.

The letter seems to be triggered by an April 30 message from the Brennan Center, an extreme liberal group, to the DOJ requesting that they intervene in the audit.

It seems that Biden’s DOJ took the center’s request seriously because their letter this week asked for the Arizona Senate’s “response to the issues described in this letter, including informing us on the steps that the Arizona Senate will use to make sure violations of federal law do not happen.”

The Constitution gives the power to manage elections only to state legislatures, meaning the feds have no authority to stop the audit. The letter was essentially benign and only used media reports for evidence.

The main topics mentioned in the letter were regarding voting rights for minority voters, and the security of the location where the audit is happening, both of which have been dealt with by the state Senate. In fact, the DOJ message did not have a single fact on which they could base their worries.

What’s more, Democrats have sued the Arizona Senate four times to stop the audit and failed each time. The DOJ’s letter is about the same concerns as those previously mentioned in court, meaning the Senate has numerous court rulings they can use in response to the DOJ to make their claims essentially baseless.

The DOJ sending the letter given this, is odd. Add in the constitutional separation from state and federal rights, and you have a strange appeal that seems like a “hail Mary” from Democrats to stop the audit.

Author: Scott Dowdy