Democrats Are Turning Away People Who Want Vaccine… For One Reason

The Washington State Department of Health seems to be allowing vaccine providers to give shots based upon race, especially one that puts whites on a “standby” list while allowing non-whites to schedule an appointment online, a local station is reporting.

KTTH in Seattle reports the website for the Teach Health Ministry, a vaccine giver authorized by the state health department, asks those wanting a vaccine for their race, and if a person indicates they are white, it prevents them from getting such appointments.

“We ask that because of our funding., AARTH spokeswoman Twanda Hill said to the “Jason Rantz Show.” “We have our funding because we can get to people of color. State, county and federal funding. They want to know who are we vaccinating.”

KTTH reports if a person says they are non-white, they are given an appointment. If they report being white, the person put on a waiting list and called when there is an opening.

The station asked the Health Department numerous times if this violates state law and was only met with the response that these were the needed steps to provide “equitable” vaccine access.

Vermont has also announced a policy to prioritize non-whites and excluding white people in vaccinations, a practice that is a clear violation of civil rights laws. One that is going unmentioned and unopposed by Republicans in Washington.

Author: Scott Dowdy