Democrat Leader Proven To Be Behind Terrorist Plot

One of two Washington liberal-wing radicals who were arrested in connection to a terrorist plan to derail an oil train was convicted in court on a terrorism-connected federal charge this week.

28-year old Ellen Reiche was caught along with 24-year old Samantha Brooks back in November of 2020, after federal and local authorities started an investigation into a set of ‘shunts’ put on train tracks in the County of Whatcom. The crude devices were able to remove power from a train, possibly endangering the lives of the crew on the train and those standing or driving around the train.

A jury spoke for around three hours after Reiche’s two-day trial.

Brooks pled guilty to the railroad interference charges back in July. Her conviction could lead to her getting as many as 20 years behind bars when she is finally sentenced in December, although we believe it is likely federal Democrat prosecutors will give her and her fellow militants a simple and delicate slap on her liberal wrist.

Brooks and Reiche were captured by Whatcom County Sheriff’s Deputies after hidden camera footage found them putting shunts on the tracks of the train. Shortly after the duo’s arrest, authorities photographed liberal environmentalist bumper stickers on their car.

Reiche’s Linkedin (which is now deleted) advertised her previous job with the Washington DNC Party at the time of her capture, along with employment with other liberal-wing groups. A post on the ANTIFA-linked website called It’s Going Down took credit for the plot before the duo were then arrested, citing a plan to “fight against colonial invasion” and defend what they viewed was American Indian land inside of Canada.

We feel it is also important to point out that Reiche identifies as nonbinary, and likes for people to use they/them when talking about her. The lesbian activist previously spearheaded an organization that had outdoor events available only to lesbians.

This is yet another case of Democrats being the true domestic terrorism threat in America. As Biden and his team try to create a narrative that White conservatives are a danger to everyone in the country, the real threat of Antifa and BLM go unchecked and only grows larger.

Author: Blake Ambrose