Democrat Impeachment Hopes Just Got Destroyed

AP Photo Richard Drew

Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz has slammed Democrats’ agenda to impeach President Donald Trump again. He says the plan to impeach over the U.S. Capitol protest will not work.

“The issue won’t reach the Senate, because the Senate has guidelines, and those guidelines would only let the case go to trial until January 20th at 1 PM, which is after President Donald Trump leaves office,” Dershowitz stated on Fox News.

He added that the Constitution does not allow the impeachment of a former president.

“And the Constitution directly states that the President be removed after impeachment. It does not say the ex-president. Congress has no right or ability to try a private citizen, whether it be Donald Trump or Barack Obama or any other citizen,” he said.

Law professor Jonathan Turley said the President’s statement at the Save America rally last week was “wrong and reckless,” but said the speech “was not incitement under the law” because Trump never called for violence or the breaching of the Capitol Building.

He went on to say the “sudden impeachment” Democrats are clamoring for would do significant damage to the Constitution.

“The damage done by the rioters was huge, but it will be nothing compared to the damage done by a new precedent of fast impeachments,” Turley stated. “It is the very problem the founders wanted to avoid in making the impeachment standard. In a system of judgment, a fast impeachment is a problem. With this new way of law, innocence would not be discussed and guilt would not doubted.”

Dershowitz went on to claim that all Democrats could do is impeach Trump in the lower chamber.

“It will not make it to trial. All they can accomplish is impeaching Trump in the House of Representatives — all you need for that is majority vote. You don’t need evidence or lawyers.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday that the House will continue with impeachment.

“In protecting our Democracy and Constitution, we will urgently act because this President represents a great danger to both,” Pelosi claimed. “As we keep going, the horror of the ongoing attack on our democracy done by Trump has increased and so is the urgent need for action.”