Defund The Police City Furiously Backpedals, See Why….

All across America, major cities are experiencing spikes in crime. It started around the summer of last year and only continues to get worse. Joe Biden seems to think it has something to do with a lack of gun control (despite the fact most of these cities have ample gun laws). But there’s something else we can point to: the radical, defund the police movement.

In major, Democrat-run cities, police budgets have been slashed to the bone. This has directly contributed to the rise in crime, as PDs lack the manpower and resources to respond to crime.

Sadly, in some cities, crimes like shoplifting go ignored. It’s gotten so bad, businesses have been forced to close.

But in a city once considered the worst in America, the police are stepping up their fight against crime.

The interim Detroit police chief is done with his city being the “most dangerous city in the U.S.” — a designation it has earned for years.

Interim Police Chief James White launched “Operation Restore Order: ‘Enough is Enough’” Wednesday to “purge the community of individuals who have outstanding warrants, participate in the sale of illegal narcotics, and/or possess illegal firearms,” WWJ reported.

Wednesday’s raids netted 28 arrests:

…consisting of 20 felony arrests, including one person accused of murder and one of a violent carjacking, and 11 firearms seized, three search warrants executed, 21 vehicles impounded, more than 400 ordinance violations issued and large number of drugs seized, including cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin and opioid pills. [Source: Breitbart]

Imagine that! A city that actually wants to end crime and is doing something about it. Instead of just sitting back, shrugging his shoulders, the police chief has launched a program to restore order to Detroit.

The focus is on ending the worst kinds of crime, including shootings, drug dealing, and murder. Already they have reaped success, cracking down on criminal activity across the city.

The chief stated the police were done apologizing for trying to keep their city safe. He vowed to “do the work” required to end the scourge of crime that has afflicted Detroit for years.

Hmm… you have to wonder why this isn’t happening in cities all over America? Defunding or no, why aren’t police chiefs actually trying to do their job? In some cases, demoralization has destroyed PDs. Cops are leaving in droves. Those who stick around are overwhelmed. They feel powerless to stop the tide of crime crashing onto their communities.

That’s true in places like Atlanta, where crime is out of control. In New York, the government wants to take an additional $1 billion from the NYPD. That would ensure a crime surge so terrible, nobody will want to live there.

But we see in Detroit that perhaps all it takes to turn things around are leaders who are willing to put in the hard work. Even if elected officials try to tie their hands, good cops find ways to uphold their vows.

Now we just need this to trend everywhere.

Author: Muriel Pickens