Deep State Takeover Imminent — Here’s Why

According to a numerous reports, the Biden White House plans to request that as many as 56 Trump-appointed attorneys submit their resignation, which would be nearly all of President Trump’s appointees. With the two exceptions being John Durham, who is spearheading the investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, along with David Weiss, who is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances.

No reason was given for the removal of these appointees, other than their connection to President Trump. Their replacement serves no purpose other than a political alignment with President Biden.

There’s just one problem: In 2007, Joe Biden, as Senator found it to be very improper when the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired eight attorneys for their politics — he found it so improper, in fact, that he demanded that Gonzales resign.

In an interview with Fox News in April of that year, Biden said that A.G. Gonzales should resign or be fired after replacing attorneys for political reasons, saying that he was now a “creature of the president, and not the people’s attorney.”

Even more so, when elaborating why he believed Gonzales should resign, Biden wrote into a statement he included in the Congressional Record, that the firing of attorneys for “direct political reasons” would “destroy the public’s trust that their laws will be enforced fairly.”

The anger by Democrats — including Joe Biden — over the removal of these eight attorneys even ended up causing problems for Obama’s A.G., Eric Holder. When his plan to replace a large number of attorneys at the start of Obama’s presidency in 2009 was blocked, causing him to instead gradually remove them over time.

But even back then, Joe Biden’s hypocrisy was completely evident. He was much less angry when former President Clinton removed 93 of the 94 attorneys when he took office. At the time, Joe was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and did not raise any objections at all to Clinton’s decision to stuff his loyalists into the U.S. Attorney’s Office, even blocking the then-Minority Leader Senator Bob Dole’s (R-Kan.) request to have hearings on the issue.

For President Biden, it seems the decision to replace large amounts of attorneys for political reasons is ok for Democrats but unethical for Republicans.